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The 2018, 16th Gathering of the Clann was a great success and considering the upheaval thrown at JohnG, when the Millrace advised of their closure, only months out from the commencement is taken into account, the success can be attributed to his time, patience and fortitude. Thanks JohnG for a sterling effort.

Everything about the town of Gorey and the Ashwood in particular was perfect. Kevin’s presentation was superb and he could easily be on the next program considering his diversity of subjects and knowledge. All the presentations were of value and well presented. The day trip was as usual extremely interesting with so much history explained and knowledge there for the taking.

My Inauguration was an event I will never forget. The feelings of pride and humility were outstanding and rates up there with my marriage to Sharron, some 57 years ago and the birth of our 3 children. Thanks to those who saw me as worthy of this exulted title and position. I will wear the title with pride, honesty and do all in my power to assist anyone who seeks my help.

The addition of the Enniscorthy re-enactment group was way beyond expectations. Thanks must go to Maria and JohnG for this addition to our inauguration procedure. Let’s hope that we can include them in the future as they give an added colour and authenticity to the whole day. Thanks to all the Clan Members who played their part in my Inauguration. A truly international team. Proud of you.

Our 2 daughters, Denice and Yvette were present on this auspicious occasion. Our son Terry (Shorty) is not a long distance traveller, and had only recently undergone a hip replacement and is still on the mend. Not a great condition for extended travel. Our trip home took 27 hours, with the last 4 by train. Not a very pleasant experience. Not a sleeping traveller.

I must thank all those who made this trip so special for myself and my family. Yvette had visited Ireland some years ago when she and her family were resident in London, but this was the first time Denice had been to this part of the world and was fascinated by all the “old world” character of her absolute surroundings. Never seen the likes before. We took in the North West after the gathering and this was previously unknown to me. What a beautiful but rugged country.

We visited the Cliffs of Moher the same day that Cyclone Ali arrived. What an experience. All the facilities were closed but there would have been 20 to 30 visitors still taking in the breathtaking experience. Some great photos to remember our visit, for sure. The beaches around Doolin looked as if it had snowed but was in fact under a very deep covering of foam created by the pounding Atlantic, with flakes of foam floating about the town like snowflakes.

Our last 3 nights were spent in Westport which allowed us to travel to Achill Island and visit the Deserted Village. What an absolutely fascinating place. Such a shame that the remaining walls can’t talk. They would have some history and tales to tell I am sure.

Well, the 16th is done now on with preparations for the 17th. I along with JohnG, I am sure, are open to any solid suggestions as to what would/could be possible for 2020. Maintaining our K/Cavana(u)gh thread, of course, are there any suggestions out there that could be considered by your Executive for inclusion? If so don’t be shy, let’s hear them. Promise we won’t excommunicate you.

Finally thanks to all the photographers in the Clan for your photographic expertise. Facebook is certainly loaded with memories of the great time had by all.

Thanks once again to everyone, for being my memories.

Slán go fóill

Terry & Family.

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