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Payment of Clan Membership

Membership is open to everyone of Clann Chaomhánach ancestry; and includes partners, spouses and children. It is firmly understood that there are many spelling variations of the name around the world and all phonetically similar variations are deemed valid. Different interpretations of our Irish name Caomhánach are: Cavanagh, Kavanagh, Cavanaugh, Kavanaugh, Cavenage, Kavner ,Cavenna etc... No matter how you spell your name today, we are all descendents of the great Caomhánach family  It does not matter how far back the ancestry occurred in either the male or female line, nor does it matter if the name is not your current surname (i.e. maiden names. etc.).


​What do I get for my money?

All new members receive a decorative membership certificate, genealogical record sheets, and are automatically entitled to our publications free of charge. Our Annual is issued to all subscribing Clann Chaomhánach members around the globe, and helps to keep everyone abreast of research development, Caomhánach history and latest gathering updates. Clann Chaomhánach offers assistance to members interested in tracing their ancestors by co-ordinating the efforts of family historians and researchers. There are numerous websites detailing genealogical sources - the Clan tells you where to find them.

​What is the best method for payment of membership fees?

The simple answer is to use the Links at the foot of this page.

​The website is straight forward, with step-by-step instructions to make payments using your credit card. The majority of our dues transactions are successfully completed with this system.

Some members do not wish to use the web site, do not have access to the internet, or do not wish to pay with a credit card. We accept personal cheques (checks) from all countries. Please make these are payable to “Clann Chaomhánach”. The amount should be made out in YOUR local currency equal to €25 (€ 250 for Life Membership) on the date that the cheque (check) is written. It is totally unnecessary and costly, for our overseas members to get a Bankers Cheque, Cashiers Check, or Money Order in Euros, because they will normally have to pay an additional fee for the draft, and another fee for money exchange. Our current account with Enniscorthy Bank of Ireland is not charged fees for cheque processing or money conversion of the foreign currency value into Euros.

​We ensure this “no fee processing” by maintaining a sufficient minimum balance in that account for that purpose. Upon lodgement or deposit with the bank, the value of the cheque/check is converted into Euro at the exchange rate for that day. This amount is then credited to our account.

​Clan Chaomhánach is an international family history association registered with Clans of Ireland. Clann Chaomhánach has requested and received charitable (meaning non-profit) status under Clans of Ireland Charity Number CHY 11585. The Clan Office is currently located at Ballyshane, Camolin, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford .Y21 F2X9

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